Cathy Johnson and Mountain Dog
On A Mission for You and Your Pets


“For me, opening a retail store was a mission—not just a business decision,” says Cathy Johnson. “Before Mountain Dog and Friends, High Country pet owners had to go to distant cities to find quality foods and treats that were not available in our area.”

For years Cathy has served on the boards of the local Watauga and Avery Humane Societies and worked with rescue groups, at times coordinating the donation of thousands of pounds of food to both shelters from pet food manufacturers.

“Advertising tries to convince you that low nutrition foods found in big box ‘pet stores’ and grocery stores can keep your pet healthy,” she says, “but just read the newspaper. With more and more pet food recalls and even fatalities making the news, people understand how wrong that is,” she maintains.

“Most pet foods are mass-produced and full of unsafe ingredients made in China, but at Mountain Dog and Friends, you won’t have to worry when the next food recall happens. The foods I carry have never been recalled,” Johnson assures.

With bad foods so plentiful, no wonder so many pets have food, diet, and allergy issues. “Knowledge makes all the difference,” says Johnson. “At Mountain Dog and Friends, we’re happy to offer experienced advice to help deal with problems and just make your pet happy.” Her shop also carries a wealth of wellness and holistic products that help pets with a variety of health problems.

Besides great foods, treats, and advice, Mountain Dog and Friends has gifts and almost anything you’d need for your dog and cat. And there’s always a wagging welcome from our four-legged staff for you, Fido and Fluffy!